You’ve Got To Study Here: Rutherford, SUB, and ECHA

With so many different buildings at the University of Alberta, it might be difficult to figure out where the best place is to study. Here are some suggestions and reviews of my favorite study spots on main campus!

(I ranked the different spots on a scale of 1-10 based on how quiet they are, how many people usually go there to study, and how many electrical outlets are around the study area. I also included some important things that students value, such as what special features are available at the study spot, where the closet coffee shops are, and what the hours are.)

Rutherford Library North


Quietness: 9/10
Popularity: 8/10
Electricity: 7/10 (outlets are scattered throughout the library)

With five different levels to choose from, Rutherford Library is a favorite study spot for students. Since it is the Humanities and Social Sciences library, Rutherford is home to over 2 million volumes of books. With all that soundproofing, the library tends to be an awesome destination if you need to sit down and concentrate. Though other libraries have space for students to talk on the first floor, Rutherford tends to be a bit quieter. Additionally, the short pedway to HUB Mall also means that coffee and food are always close by!

Quiet Room - FL1
Printing - FL 1
Computers FL1+2
Cookies by George (HUB)
La Pasta (HUB)
Java Jive (HUB)

M-R: 8AM - 9PM
F: 8AM - 6PM
Sa: 11AM - 6PM
Su: 11AM - 9PM

Students’ Union Building (SUB)


Quietness: 4/10
Popularity: 9/10
Electricity: 5/10

The Students’ Union Building is a popular meeting spot for all students. With many different food options (including Opa, Marco’s Famous, Subway, and Edo), SUB is a great place to grab food and do some homework. Though it’s usually busy around lunchtime, the mornings and evenings are fairly quiet. The main floor of SUB also has two quiet rooms that receive plenty of natural light. Throughout the term, the Students’ Union holds different events on SUBstage, if you ever want to take a break from your studying. SUB is also the venue for the biweekly Farmers’ Market (every other Thursday).

2 Quiet Rooms
Farmers’ Market
The Daily Grind (SUB)
L’Express (SUB)
24/7 study space

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA)


Quietness: 10/10
Popularity: 10/10
Electricity: 9/10

The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy is the second newest building on the U of A’s North Campus. It’s home to many of the health sciences including Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. That being said, ECHA is a very popular study spot for all students on campus. There are many small classrooms, especially on the lower level. Cell phone reception is a bit questionable down there, but that means that you’ll be able to focus on studying and not on Facebook! ECHA also has its own cafeteria, so you don’t have to go too far to get food!

Small Study Rooms
Proximity to the LRT
Starbucks (ECHA)
Tim Hortons (KATZ)
M-F: 7AM - 10PM
Sa: 8AM - 5PM
Su: 8AM - 5PM

Interested in learning about more study spaces on campus? Check out Batol’s post on Cameron Library, the Education Cafeteria , and the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science!