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4 Jul 2014

The 10 Things You Should Be Eating on Campus

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If you’ve ever visited North Campus, you’ll know that there are a ton of options if you need to grab some food. I’ve put together a list of my personal favorites, featuring many items that you can only find at the U of A. Now that you’ll be attending UAlberta, be sure to check them out! **Warning: You might feel extremely hungry after reading this list. [...] Read More »


10 Mar 2014

International at the U of A!

GlobalAs I am an international student who moved here from the Republic of Bénin, I am always excited to talk about the global scene here at the University of Alberta. There are over 6,500 international students here on the U of A campus! This means that if you’re an international student here at the university, there are many more students and services available to help you transition into your new life in Canada. Read More »


20 Feb 2014

Engineers: They Can Build Bridges, But Can They Build Social Lives?

Think, when I say the word “engineering,” what comes to mind? I’m sure most of you consider us to be a smart, charismatic, and well dressed group… right? If only… It might be shocking, but among the general student body we are considered a very reclusive bunch. I’m writing this to put that myth to rest! The engineering community at the University of Alberta is in fact alive and well! So if you’re considering engineering, don’t worry, we like to hang out with real people too! Read More »


11 Feb 2014

Date Night on Campus

Quad at NightSince Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought that I would give my opinion on a cute idea for a date for all those students on campus! The theme for the evening? A Dinner with the Stars. First off is a visit to the Campus Observatory. Located on the fifth floor of CCIS (the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science), the Observatory gives you a unique opportunity to get a closer look at our galaxy. Not only will you get to look up at the stars, but looking down will also give you a fantastic view of Quad. Since the Observatory is partially outside, it does get kinda chilly up on the rooftop so bringing some hot chocolate to share might be a stellar idea! Read More »


6 Feb 2014

Interview with Augustana International Students

January 20-25 was International Week at Augustana. The week was filled with great international cuisine, action packed activities, and workshops relating to breaking stereotypes. The UAlberta Augustana Campus is home to over 100 international students, which is about 10% of our current student population of just over 1,000 students. The Faith and Life Centre on campus has a ceiling filled with the country flags of all the international students on campus. In the spirit of the week, I sat down with a few international students to discuss why they chose Augustana. Read More »


3 Feb 2014


3 Feb 2014

Athletics at the U of A

The University of Alberta is well-known for its excellence in athletics. With 23 different teams, this means that we have over 500 student athletes every year. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a university athletics team? Well we are here to fill you in! We had the opportunity to interview four members of the University of Alberta swim team and they gave us some really great insight into their experience as U of A athletes. Read More »


30 Jan 2014

The U of A Undergraduate Research Experience

Have you ever been wandering around campus, or been on a campus tour, when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by bulletin boards covered in large brightly-coloured posters, each accompanied by a student in a name tag? Well, if you have, then you have experienced undergraduate research first hand! What you are seeing are the results of months of research by students who are now presenting their hard-earned data and results to the public. How did these students end up presenting their very own research in a professional setting? Read More »


25 Jan 2014

Thinking of Going Abroad? Just do it!

Paris, France
As part of my university experience, I had the chance to go on a study abroad program in Lille, France. In fact, over 1,000 students at the University of Alberta participate in Education Abroad programs each year.

There are many reasons why you should consider a study abroad term or year. Here are my top 7 reasons why I love being on exchange! Read More »


23 Jan 2014

Welcome Back: Things to Help You Start Winter Semester

Quad in the WinterIt’s the first month of classes, all over again. The first month of Winter term can be particularly difficult, maybe because it doesn’t come with all the fanfare that the first month of Fall term does. There aren’t any back to school sales in stores, for one. And people stop giving first year students advice on making it through the inevitable first term. However, there’s also the inevitable second term, and not just ever, but that second term you’ll have to crawl your way back to after Christmas every year of your degree. In Edmonton, this also means having to (continue) facing the onslaught of Winter [...] Read More »


21 Jan 2014

Working While Going to School: Some Things to Keep in Mind

Main Quad Over the years, one of the main concerns that I’ve heard about university is, “How do I pay for school?” While some students are fortunate and have financial support from their families or money from scholarships, other students consider working while going to school to avoid building up huge loans by the time they finish their degree. My advice: if you’ve never had a job while going to school before, wait for a term. University is very different from high school in terms of the pace and the amount of material that you need to learn at a time, and you don’t want to jeopardize your grades. If, after a term, you feel like you’re at a stable place in your studies, then I would suggest looking into a job. Read More »

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